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Contest Information 2006 SSC-ESA Contest Schedule:

March 11 & 12 SSC Contest #1- points contest (completed)
April 8-10th East Coast Scholastic Surfing Championships presented by Globe International- New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Probable site will be Bethune Park, once again. This will be the 20th anniversary of the event.Join the Scholastics Yahoo Group for more info. Here's an entry form.Here's an entry form.
April 22 & 23 SSC Contest #2-points contest (completed)
May 5, 6, 7 Mid-Atlantic Regionals- Washout, Folly Beach, SC  (completed)
Read up on last year's Regionals held on OCM.Regionals held on OCM.
 June 3 & 4  Folly Beach Wahine Classic. Please go to for more information (this is not an ESA event) (completed)
June 24 Gromfest (no points, just for fun) 18yrs. & under. (completed)
Aug. 5 & 6  SSC Contest #3- 3rd Annual SC Governor's Cup of Surfing. This is 18th Annual SC State Championship.(completed)
Aug. 26 & 27 SSC Contest #4-points contest  ENTRY FORM-
Sept. 17-23 Easterns. Outer Banks, NC -go to the main ESA site for all Easterns information.
Nov. 4 Joe's Just Cause Longboard Classic- Proceeds from this contest and the Team Challenge will be donated to Pura Vida No Pro.
Nov. 5 John Kalagian Memorial Team ChallengeEach team must provide a judge for the day.


Nov. 18 & 19

Contest #5 will be worked in after the Just Cause Longboard contest.

2006 Awards Banquet TBA

This contest schedule is always subject to change. 
All of the local SSC Contests are held at the Washout on Folly Beach.
First division is $15.00. Each additional division is $5.00. Please make checks payable to ESA.
You may pick up an entry from any local surf shop, fill it out & leave it there for us. We pick up the shop entries on the Monday afternoon before the contest. 
We should have the schedule of events posted on here by Friday afternoon (unless we have a lot of late entries & are still working on it, hint hint!)

We need to have your paid entries in our hands by Tuesday (not Thursday) afternoon to start setting up the heats.

Print it out and bring to any local surf shop or snail mail to address below.

Entries may also be mailed to:
PO Box 740
Folly Beach, SC  29439

Paid entries must be at the Jones's , 1603 Teal Marsh Rd., Riverfront Subdivision by TUESDAY afternoon.  (note: This is a change from Thursday)
We will accept beach entries on a first come first served basis, but it really makes it easier on everyone if you sign up in advance.  Also, this year there will be no more "paid points". You must stick your toe in the water to receive contest points!  We are considering bringing back late fees next season.

Please check out the new ESA rules & also the judges course.

Thornton White's Presentation on Rules & Judging!

2006 Competition Divisions (SSC local contest season usually runs from March thru November)
How old will turn on your birthday in 2006? You should surf in the division of that age group.

**Your competition age group is determined by your age as of January 1 of the year following our season's end. For
example, during the contests of the 2006 competition season, your competition age is determined by how
old you will be on January 1, 2007.**

It is possible that a surfer who is 17  years old for most of the season could end up
surfing in Mens if that person turns 18 in Nov. or Dec.Please review carefully to make sure you surf in the correct division. If you have any questions as to which div. you belong in, please email nancy at


Shortboard Divisions (14)
Open (All Ages)
Menehunes (11 and under, boys and girls)  1995 or later
Boys (12 to 14)  1992-1994
Junior Men (15 to 17) 1989-1991
Men (18 to 24) 1982-1988
Masters (25 to 34) 1972-1981
Senior Men (35 to 44) 1962-1971
Grand Masters (45 to 54) 1952-1961
Legends (55 to 64) Shortboard rules/equipment 1942-1951
Grand Legends (65 and up) no equip. restrictions 1941 or before

Girls (14 and under) 1992 or later
Junior Women (15 to 17) 1989-1991
Women (18 to 29) 1977-1988
Ladies (30+) 1976 or before

Bodyboard Divisions: (2)
Menehune Bodyboard (girls & boys 14 and under) 1992 or later
Open Bodyboard (all ages/male & female)

Longboard Divisions:
Menehune LB boys & girls(14 and under) 1992 or later
Junior LB (15 to 17) 1989-1991
Mens LB (18 to 34) 1972-1988
Masters LB (35 to 49) 1957-1971
Legends LB (50+) 1956 or before

Womens LB (29 and under) 1977 or later
Ladies LB (30+) 1976 or before


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