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SSC-ESA District News:
588-9856- SSC Surf Report & Info Line. Updated at 8:00 am every morning.
NEW SSC email address!

SSC SPRING FLING!  Join us for our Annual Awards Banquet & Kickoff for the 2007 contest season! Division Champions and Specialty Awards will be presented. We'll have a luncheon buffet & "open mike" entertainment, so don't be shy, bring your musical instrument.
Sunday, March 4th at 2pm.
Barrier Islands Surf and Supply on Folly Road
Free to ESA members, $6.00 donation for non-members.

You will be able to sign up for Contest #1 at the party, and also join or renew your ESA membership.
Contest #1 will be held on March 10 & 11 at the Washout.  Entries will also be available at all local surf shops.
McKevlins, Ocean Surf Shop, Inner G, Barrier Islands, Point Break Surf Shop, Quiksilver, Parrrot Surf Shop, Charleston Watersport Outfitters & Beachtown Surf Shack in Mt. Pleasant. Wando High School Rep. Rutledge Godley & James Island HS Reps. Charlie Hussey & Ty Newlin will also have entries.

Please read over the following contest information... we want to make sure everyone knows that we're going back to LATE FEES! We're sure that this will help everyone to remember to get their entries turned in on time. 

Entry Fee- $15.00 for 1st event & $5.00 for each added event. Current ESA membership required.
The contest entry deadline is shop closing time on Sunday, one week prior to contest date.
Signups after the deadline must pay late fee of $5. for first event & $1. for each additional event.
No phone entries please. Entries without fees will be signed up on the beach space available & will incur late fees.
Beach entries accepted on a space available basis, with late fees.

Please make checks payable to SSC-ESA & send to:
SSC PO Box 740, Folly Beach, SC, 29439, or leave at any local surf shop by Sunday, a week before the contest.
Contest schedule will be posted on Fri. evening, but is subject to change.
8:00am start time unless changed on website and/or hotline. 588-9856
Please check-in with SSC Beach Marshall Steve Fletcher one half hour before the start of your heat.

FEW-NEW ZEALAND is proud to be the 2007 Scholastics title sponsor -Check out more information on the 2007 East Coast Scholastic Surfing Championships, to be held on March 31-April 2nd in New Smyrna Beach Fla. Please let us know if you are interested in attending this exciting event. Here's an entry form.

Congratulations to Jeff and Tara Mosley! She's finally here! Carson River Mosley was born Monday night at 9:52 pm, weighing 8 lbs, 10 Oz., 20 1/2 inches long, with TONS of long dark hair! Tara, Jeff and Baby Carson are doing well.

Website change- We're finally ready to make the switch! In the next few days we will be changing over to the ESA server and our new web address will be

2006 Points
Thanks to all our surfers, families & loyal volunteers for a great contest season! This year we are announcing our division winners before the Awards Banquet, but are saving our specialty awards for that event. Congratulations to all SSC Division Champions and each and every competitor! 
Please remember that according to ESA rules, if you did surf all 5 SSC Contests your lowest scoring contest points must be dropped.
Please keep checking for Awards Banquet Information. Details will be posted here, announced on the phone line (588-9856), emailed to everyone who has sent us their email address, and the local surf shop will be notified.

Expired Members! Please renew your membership at asap, to ensure you receive your district points. You MUST be current to surf in the Mid Atlantic Regionals (on the Outer Banks this year) or in any other ESA event, including local contests.

Contest #5 News-We had to cancel Sunday's events due to unridable conditions and finished it all up on December 18th. BRRR. Thanks to Patti Noe for tabulating the entire day!
Congrats to everyone. Special thanks to "Team Usual Suspects" Thornton, BH, Pete & Tyler, Norman, Sue, Patti, Bill Hogan, Phil Kirby, Terri Tanner.

Contest #5 Results- Saturday, Nov. 18th. part 1.

1 Kai Dilling
2 Ricky Anson
3 Razzle DazzleTodd Brazell
4 Chip Campsen
5 Matt Hamrick
1 Grace Muckenfuss- 1st in Girls
Jr. Women Shortboard
1 Caitlin Lawson
2 Brook Burroughs
3 Kristin Tanner
MASTERS Shortboard
1 Francis Saladin
2 Mikee Rawlings
3 Bruce Brunson
4 Alfred Noe
5 Jacob Edelblute
1 Evan Tanner
2 Grace Muckenfuss
3 Mitch Hogan
4 Max Cook
WOMENS & Ladies LB
1 Caitlin Lawson
2 Kristin Tanner
1 Patti Noe
1 Bryant Thomas
2 Diddy Pearce
3 Boyce Campsen
4 Gabe Hogan

Menehune Longboard
1 Boyce Campsen

JR. Longboard
1 Rutledge Godley
2 George Campsen
3 Keegan Lynch
4 Tyler Burbage
5 Christian Gaeta
6 Christian McGowan
MENS Shortboard
1 Anthony Osment
2 Charlie Hussey
1 Preston Noto
2 Alfred Noe
1 BH Rader
2 Rick Lawson
1 Boyd Hinton
2 Rick Anson
3 Greyson Hopkins
4 Jeff Linder
1 Rob Schneider
2 Kai Dilling
3 Todd Brazell
4 Matt Hamrick

Congratulations to EASTERNS Champs & all members of our SSC District Team!
ESA Allstar Glenn Tanner placed first in Grandmasters and Legends Longboard, Jenny Brown was named an ESA Allstar and placed third in both Ladies Shortboard and Longboard. Hampton Kohn took fourth in Menehune Bodyboard. Cooper Neil surfed in double overhead waves against very tough competition to take sixth in the Menehune Longboard Division.
Thanks to everyone who made the trip and helped out all along the way. Matt, Bill & I truly appreciate all the support and enthusiam... it was a fun week.. Here's the recap by Surfing Magazine  and the full results.

Congratulations to all Contest #4 participants & champs.
Mens Open- 1. Francis Saladin 2. Anthony Osment  3. Charlie Hussey
Check out full results here.
Matt Hamrick-693-4700
Nancy Hussey- 343-4047
Thanks to everyone who helped out with Gregory Norton's Paddleout.. especially Glenn & Terri Tanner, Rick Anson, Greg Elliott, Pete Burbage, Tara & Clint, Bill, Mitch & Gabe Hogan.

A Personal Message from Greg Norton's Parents...

The ESA is conducting a "Paddle Out" for Gregory on Sunday, Sept 10th at 3:00 pm, at the "pink house" area of the wash out. We want to invite everyone who helped us last year to come as we celebrate Gregory's love of surfing and Folly Beach. We are so excited about celebrating the anniversary of the day Gregory went to Heaven in this way. Please come out and meet us.
Best regards,
Greg and Cindy NOrton

Greg's page


 Co-Director Matt MC Hamrick's Bobby O rap is now on! Congrats Matt!
RESULTS The 3rd Annual SC Governor's Cup of Surfing, August 5  & 6 at the Washout, Folly Beach...18th Annual South Carolina State Championships.
Congratulations to new State Champions Anthony Osment and Keenan Lineback!
Pictures & contest page up soon. Check out Thornton's pics. A few from John Rhea, Nancy & Moira are on Send your pic links to
Anthony Osment & Keenan Lineback-SC STATE CHAMPS.

THANKS to everyone for amazing help, participation & competition. We had 225 competitors, and 100 entries in the Mens Open Division alone! We were so lucky to have Miss Angie, Nana, Jeff Mosley & Chip Hall's great pro judging team.

30 kids in the Push N Surf! Thanks to Scott from Liquid Shredder, Moira Gil John & Jenny Brown from Shaka Surf School, Chris Costa & Wes Lybrand from Barrier Islands Surf School for loaning us the boards. Thanks to Kai Dilling for donating 2 surfboards to the Open Division Champions... Anthony Osment & Keenan Lineback.

If you have an outstanding balance, please settle up.. your points are depending on it!

SSC hotline/surf report. Updated daily.  588-9856.

  GROMFEST 2006 was held on Saturday, June 24th at the Washout. Thank you to all participants, volunteers & judges. Thanks to Thornton & Evan White, our Beach Marshalls for the day. Great job, guys!  Thanks to Sue Hopkins, Laura Butler, Phil Kirby, Terri Tanner, Mikee Rawlings, Rick Anson, Kat Rogerson and everyone else for such great teamwork. WE HAD WILLING JUDGES! We had kids shadowing, learning how to judge, it was awesome.
Thanks to Scott McClain, owner of Liquid Shredder for providing us with 9 Liquid Shredders for that division.

Congratulations to our Gromfest Winners!

14 & Under:
1. Hampton Kohn
2. Evan Tanner
3. Bryant Thomas
4. Grayson Vaughn
5. Sally Walker
6. Bradley Krull
15 - 18:
1. Wade Martin
2. Eric Welborn
3. Charlie Hussey
4. Corey Brown
5. Ellison Thomas
6. Jimmy Carroll
Liquid Shredder 14 & Under:
1. Evan Tanner
2. Sean Rieflin
2. Noah Anson
4. Evan Willis
5. Luke Pruner

Liquid Shredder 15-18:
1. Erik Kirby
2. TJ Murray
3. Alex Rieflin
4. Charlie Hussey
5. Rutledge Godley

Note- A few things we need to work on-
~Signing up in advance! PLEASE have your entries filled out turned in by Monday before the contest . Here's how:

              1)turn into any local surf shop  2) mail to SSC PO Box 740, Folly Beach, SC, 29439  3) hand deliver to Matt or Nancy

 SSC District News::Aaron Chang's images from the Folly Beach Wahine Classic are now posted on and
Thanks to SSC members for helping out with the Wahine contest-volunteering, setting up, equipment management, tabulating & judging.Your help was greatly appreciated. A special thanks to Becky & David Baird & their family for inviting Aaron Chang to spend the weekend at their home on Folly.

Farewell and thank you to Foster and Lilla Folsom who are retiring as SSC Co-directors. Thank you both for all your hard work and dedication to SSC.  Foster and Lilla went out with a big bang, pulling off an awesome Mid-Atlantic Regionals.
Welcome to Matt Hamrick, our newest Co-director along with Bill Jones & Nancy Hussey. We are very fortunate to have Matt join our team, and are looking forward to having a really fun GOVERNOR'S CUP, our first big event as a new group.
Of course we couldn't do a thing without our head tabulator, Pat Jones & our ace Beach Marshall Steve Fletcher & his lovely wife Karen. Steve recently designed and built a new addition to his already insane Beach Marshall station. It is a surfboard caddy like no other, very cool design, Steve, thank you, King of PVC! Be sure to ask Steve about his nautical flags!
Thanks to Pete Burbage, our tireless equipment manager. Pete and Norman Godley set up and break down every single event that we have. Please give these guys a hand when you can. Help is always needed, and there's always something to be carried up or down the boardwalk!

 2006 Eastern Surfing Association Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships- Great time was had by everyone, despite small wave conditions.... .
Regionals Results!
A special thank you to Ocean Surf Shop on Folly Beach for their help with sponsoring our nice team jackets! Great job, Kelly Kane, thank you so much! Of course thanks to Bill & Bettie Sue as well :)
Kelly has offered to embroider your name on your team jacket for only 5.00. Just drop your jacket off to her at Ocean and please be patient about turnover time, that's a lot of extra work!

Thanks to Moira Gil, McKevlins Surf  Shop, Point Break Surf Shop, Scott McClain from Liquid Shredder, Embryo, Quiksilver and Dave Justice from Element for generously donating tons of stuff to the All Star Raffle!
Thank you to all our friends in the Mid Atlantic Region! 
Outer Banks North Carolina
Central North Carolina
Southern North Carolina
Northern South Carolina
Puerto Rico
And the Southern South Carolina Team whose members are:Alex Gregorie, Andrew Gregorie, BH Rader, Bill Jones, Boyce Campsen, Caitlin Lawson, Charlie Hussey, Charlotte Witte, Chris Brown, Claudio Paulino, Cooper Neil, Erik KIrby, Evan Tanner, Francis Saladin, Glenn Tanner, Greyson Hopkins, Hampton Kohn, J. Bush, Jenny Brown, John Tolly, Josh Edwards, Kristin Tanner, Laura Butler Peirano, Matt Hamrick, Norman Godley, Patti Noe, Pete Burbage, Preston Noto, Rick Anson, Rick Lawson, Rob Schneider, Sally Walker, Stanton Seckinger, Steve Fletcher, Terri Tanner, Thomas Snyder, Thornton White, TJ Murray, Todd Brazell, Trenton Seckinger & Trevor Seckinger, Annie Snyder.

Fosters own Wagons on the Edge. Cool woodie show coinciding with Regionals.

 Contest #2 Complete- A big THANK YOU to Laura Butler Peirano & Patti Noe who did an excellent job as our Guest Directors!

4/25/06 Contest #2 Results in Adobe Acrobat Format.
Patti is considering a second career as a DJ now & Laura respectfully requests that everyone signs up and pays their entry fees on time, thank you very much!
Laura and Patti directed us through an awesome weekend with a special guest appearance from WAVES!
It was with extreme pleasure that MATT HAMRICK was announced as our new SSC co-director! We all love "Haz Matt" and welcome him to the fun of SSC directorship.

Once again the Christian Surf Club helped us set up & provided coffee and donuts for all our volunteers & judges. Thanks for everything, you're the best.
Speaking of judges, please do your part and offer to judge some heats.
Thanks to Bill Hogan, The Costas, BH Rader, Norman Godley, Pete Burbage, Francis Saladin & Thornton White who went the extra mile helping out, as usual. 

Oh, pizza wahine HALE Horstman, thanks, you rock, tabulators PAT Jones, SUE Hopkins, and flag girl JULIE Lawson, Beach Marshall Steve Fletcher & his lovely wife Karen!
BERTS MARKET! Bert brought us almost 200 free hotdogs & all the trimmings this weekend. SSC LOVES Bert & Julie Hastings!
Welcome to SSC, Walt Watson. John Hardin Isaac & Jacob Edelblute. Welcome back, Daniel Blackwell & Jeremy Lee.

Highlights from the contest include Tyler Burbage playing an awesome rendition of the National Anthem on his saxophone. Thanks Tyler, we're very proud of you.Anthony Osment winning the Open, on an ankle that apparantly feels better in water than on dry land. Kai Dilling got married on Saturday night, but not until he rode the nose to victory in the Master's Longboard Division.Congrats to Kai & Kiki . Mandy and Bruce Brunson had their precious new baby girl, Izzy on the beach, while big brother Laird gave his Daddy Bruce a few surf lessons.
James Island High School had their Jr. Sr. Prom on Saturday night.. we hope everyone had a fun, safe night on the town. Riley Bartlett had to leave early for a hair and nails appointment. He showed up on Sunday in his board shorts and a tie. Nice touch, Riley! Kristin Tanner looked beautiful and hopefully didn't break too many hearts!

Message from our Beach Marshall, Steve Fletcher:
* Thanks to Moshe Solomon, manager of Point Break Surf Shop, for donating the surfboard wax for the competitors at SSC-ESA Contest No. 2.
4/20/06- 2006 Contest SCHEDULE
4/19/06 Congratulations to our own CAITLIN LAWSON who has been representing SSC like the champ she is! Here's what Caitin has been up to the last few weeks:
Aqua East Surfing the Blues Pro-Am contest in Jacksonville. Caitlin came in 1st in Women's Open Shortboard and 2nd in Women's Longboard. 
ESA Globe Scholastic Championships in New Smyrna--Caitlin made it to the finals in the Jr. Women's Shortboard, she got 6th, but wow, the competition was tough! It was like an Easterns Final.See what has to say about the recent Globe Scholarship competition.
Ron Jon's Easter Surf Fest- Caitlin won the Jr. Women's Longboard.
Congratulations to Bruce & Mandy Brunson on the birth of their new baby girl! Laird's baby sister, Elizabeth Saye was born on Sunday, March 12 at 11:30am. The family is doing great and we hope to see them on the beach soon. 
Contest #1, March 11 & 12 completed. Congratulations to all award winners & participants & a special thank you to Thornton White and Matt Hamrick  for all their help as our first Guest Directors! It was a great weekend at the Washout with nice waves on Saturday and nice weather on Sunday. Chris Costa took the Mens Open Division.... see all the results here.
Special thanks to the Christian Surfers of Charleston for providing us with coffee & donuts, and a whole lot of help with whatever was needed over the weekend, especially   Bill Hogan & Johnny Wallace. As usual, BH Rader delivered the ice & trophies & we still appreciate it as much as ever. Thanks to "Turbo Burbo" Pete Burbage for cleaning out the ESA Trailer, Sue Hopkins for tabulating, Norman Godley for judging/head judging virtually the entire weekend, and to everyone else who pitched in & made it fun! Check out Thorton White's presentation on rules & judging. Please download & view this cool presentation, especially if you missed the judges clinic!


The webspace for this site is donated by Liquid Shredder. Thank you Scott McClain.


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