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2006 Contest Results

Contest #1- March 11 & 12 -waves sat.
Globe Scholastics-April 8-10
Contest#2-April 22 & 23-nice waves both days.
Gromfest-June 24
Contest #3-July 15 & 16
Contest #4-SC Governor's Cup- Aug. 5 & 6
Contest #5-Aug. 26 & 27
Easterns (Outerbanks)-Sept. 17-23
John Kalagian Memorial Team Challenge-Oct. 14- Mandatory team captains meeting one week prior, where your team judges must be announced.
Just Cause Longboard Contest- Proceeds donated to a good cause. Oct. 15

2005 Contest Results
Contest #5- Last Chance 
Contest #4- October 15 
Contest #3-The 3rd Annual SC Governor's Cup of Surfing was held on August 6 & 7 at the Washout, Folly Beach.
Congratulations to our Mens Open State Champion ANDREW GREGORIE & Women's Open State Champion, JENNY BROWN!
Also congrats to Ironman Rick Anson, and Ironwoman, Jenny Brown. 
Contest #2 April 30 & May 1.
Contest #1-April 9 & 10. Longboard & Open.
2005 Easterns Results. Congrats to the SSC Team!
2005 Regionals Results

2004 End of the Year Results & Awards

John Kalagian Memorial Team Challenge 2005- held on Saturday, Oct. 8th.
Thanks to all participating teams and their sponsors. We were lucky enough to have great waves, a beautiful day, excellent surfing & a very close finish. Thank you to everyone who renewed their memberships or joined the ESA today without complaining!
Due to the recent rule change allowing Pros to surf in the ESA, we were lucky enough to have Anthony Osment, Charlie Guss, Kyle Busey, Deron Nettles join us for this special event. Thanks for re-joining the ESA guys!
1st Place- Carolina Turf Dream Team (Rob Schneider, Rick Anson, Todd Youngblood, Glenn Tanner, Jeremy Schneider, Scott Hantske)
2nd Place- Barrier Islands Surf & Supply- (Wes Lybrand, Shaun Ducker, Kyle Busey, Blue Spivey, Patrick Evers, Chris Costa)
3rd Place- Point Break Surf Shop- (Mikee Rawlings, Jacob Stackley, Thomas Snyder, Jimmie Roberts, Eric Welborn)
4th Place- Quiksilver- (Chris Brown, Jenny Brown, Anthony Osment, Deron Nettles, Francis Saladin, Matt Hamrick)
5th Place- Parrot Surf Shop- (Peyton Epps, Jay Bush, Norman Stresemann, Josh Edwards, Cuff Gleaton, Charlie Guss)
1st Place- Carolina Turf (Paul Martin, Rick Anson, Glenn Tanner)
2nd Place- Parrot- (Norman Godley, Kai Laruso, Jordan Guss)
3rd Place- Point Break- (Patti Noe, Mikee Rawlings, Alfred Noe)
4th Place- Quiksilver- (Chris Brown, Francis Saladin, Matt Hamrick)
Thanks to everyone who helped set up, judge, tabulate & break it down with a smile.






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